Toastmasters in India

Toastmasters in India

There are about 3000 clubs in Asia and 320+ in India spread across 47 cities. There are about 80 clubs in Bangalore, 45 clubs in NCR. The other major cities in India include Chennai(40), Hyderabad(40), Pune(22), Mumbai(20), Kolkata(8) etc.

Most of these are in-house, i.e. only for employees of companies such as Infosys, TCS, IBM etc. Infosys has clubs across all its development centres in India as well as abroad. TCS has 15+ clubs in India.

There are about 25 college/ educational institute based clubs, meant exclusively for the students.

India had its first club in Bangalore in 1991 and subsequently gathered 30 clubs together along with Sri Lanka to start the process of a District in the last decade. District 82 was formed when we reached 60 clubs in 2006 & we never looked back since then. District 82 grew to 275 clubs by June 2011 and was split to form District 41 in the North of District 82.

While District 82 had 3 Indian states –Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu alongwith Sri Lanka in it, District 41 had the rest of India. Now District 41 has reached 185 clubs and may split again, while District 82 is going to be split in July 2014.

This organization was predominantly North American until 1990s but has been becoming global over the last couple of decades, growing rapidly in Asia and particularly India. India has shown growth rates of 30-40% per year for the past 5-6 years.