Speech Craft


What is Speech Craft?

  • Speech craft is an extended workshop on communication and leadership where the participants learn about various aspects of communication and leadership.
  • They are supported by a team of domain experts & industry stalwarts who mentor the participants.
  • The program is ably organized and coordinated by a program coordinator.

The aim of the program is to:

  • Train non-members in communication, public speaking and leadership skills
  • Introduce non-members to constructive feedback
  • Promote Toastmasters to the general public

How Speech Craft happens?

  • Participants give speeches ( prepared speeches & impromptu speeches ) based on criteria established in Toastmasters manual and get feedback on their performance
  • Generally, meetings are devoted entirely to Speech craft speeches
  • It is a typically 6 to 8 hour program, phased through 3 or 4 sessions, of 2 hours each.
  • Existing toastmasters do educational speeches, serve as advisors, and support

The educational speeches done by Coordinators

  • Welcome to Speech Craft
  • Selecting Your Topic
  • Writing Your Introduction
  • The Ice Breaker
  • Organizing Your Speech
  • Get To The Point
  • Working With Words
  • Gestures
  • Award Completion presentation

Why Speech Craft?

  • A Speech Craft workshop is the most cost effective and time-effective way to acquire the skills of speaking, listening, thinking, and evaluating – skills vital to almost any profession in today’s world.
  • Develop communication & leadership skills of your team members.
  • Reach out to the community.
  • Share the Toastmasters experience with others

What do you get out of Speech Craft?

  • Over the course of these sessions, participants learn about good public speaking and have the opportunity to practice within the Speech craft group, mentored by experienced Toastmasters.
  • Friendships and careers can and do blossom from the Speech craft experience.
  • An opportunity to get the look and feel of how a general toastmasters meeting works, up close and personal.
  • More than anything else, the opportunity to rub shoulders with veteran speakers and learn from them.

Speech Craft Schedule

Session 1

Participants give 1 – 2 minute introductions but no speeches.

Session 2 – 6

Devoted to participant speeches.

Which session you’re on

  • Coordinator starts session 1 on Welcome and Intro speech at Meeting #1.
  • Participants follow their speech number, Ice Breaker is start of session.
  • Educational Speakers look their topic ( Organize your speech is when that educational speech is delivered, not the week when participants give their Organize Your Speech presentation.)

Fee Structure for a Speech Craft

  • Speech Crafts are Customized Programs Tailored to fit every Organization
  • Usually they Program lasts 6 to 8 weeks with 20 – 30 participants
  • Charges per participant for the entire program will be between 2500 INR and 4000 INR based on the program, the no of attendees and other parameters considered.