Membership Benefits

What does one gain by becoming a member?

  • Improve Communication skills
  • Improve Leadership skills
  • Improve Organisational skills
  • Gain confidence

In short, you become

  • A Better Thinker
  • A Better Speaker
  • A Better Listener

Who can be a member?

Anyone over 18 years of age! Typically there are clubs formed at communities, colleges, alumni associations, trade bodies, companies etc.

What does a club member do?

Attend the club meetings, & Follow the guided programme of Toastmasters International in Communication & Leadership. (This has evolved over 89 years of experience.)

In addition, experienced members help other club members become better speakers (Mentor them) & help the club in its functioning.

How receptive is the club to new members?

Most people are genuinely terrified of speaking in public or are quite conscious about what the audience might think or say. Toastmasters meetings are totally un-biased and non-judgemental. A visitor will be welcomed enthusiastically into the club and immediately be considered a member of the group.

Similarly, we strive to increase our fraternity and we help you form new club/s at various locations as well as at various institutes.